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Time and Date Comment was submitted. Comment Moderation Options. You can approve, spam or trash a comment with one click. Reply, Quick Edit or Edit will open up a new screen for you to write a reply to the comment or edit the comment.
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How do you feel? Derived terms edit. comment allez-vous, comment vas-tu, comment ça va how are you. Louisiana Creole French: konmen. Picoche, Jacqueline; Jean-Claude Rolland 2009, muid I 4, in Dictionnaire étymologique du français in French, Paris: Dictionnaires Le Robert.
Comment definition of comment by The Free Dictionary.
comment about me. comment about one. comment about them. comment about us. comment about you. Comment Ca Marche. Comment Ca Va Bien. Comment Folding White Space. Comment for Comment. Comment is free. Comment of the Day. Comment of the Year.
Tristero Leave a Comment Arenberg.
Leave a Comment. Elke seconde wordt een uur video geplaatst geüpload op YouTube. Dat is een decennium per dag.Van die video's' worden er elke dag 6 miljard bekeken. Je kan een video liken of disliken. En je kan er ook commentaar op geven.
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Line comments in Haskell start with two hyphens until the end of line, and multiple line comments start with and end with. this is a comment on more lines and this is a comment on one line putStrLn Wikipedia" this is another comment.
View and comment on planning applications London Borough of Bexley.
Please Note: To comment on applications or to receive email notifications using this system, you will need to register your details and guidance on how to do this are in the User Guide. You can view details of planning applications submitted since January 1977, details of enforcement enquiries received and any appeals made against decisions made on planning applications and enforcement cases.
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Permalink to comment September 13, 2014. Many coders prefer the // comment // style, However theres one major advantage to using opening and closing sequences for comments: Since another opening sequence within a comment gets ignored, we have a quick line-based disable for experimental code during development.:
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van NL van EN van DE van FR van ES naar NL naar EN naar DE naar FR naar ES Vertaal. Naar andere talen: comment DE comment EN comment ES. Definities in het Frans: comment 1x. Definities in het Nederlands: COMMENT 1x.

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