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comment Definition of comment in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
When asked to comment on how the meeting went, he smiled and replied, No" comment." There is always a risk of getting sucked into the firestorm, so no comment is often a judicious approach. I have been waiting a long time in politics to say this no comment.
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van NL van EN van DE van FR van ES naar NL naar EN naar DE naar FR naar ES Vertaal. Naar andere talen: Comment DE Comment EN Comment ES. Definities in het Frans: comment 1x. Definities in het Nederlands: COMMENT 1x.
Comment Wikipedia.
Comment, an annotation or other verbal or written remark. Comment linguistics, also rheme, that which is said about the topic theme of a sentence. Comment computer programming, information embedded in the source code of a computer program, often explanatory text.
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The Latin word meaning something" invented" was taken by Isidore and other Christian theologians for interpretation, annotation" No comment as a stock refusal to answer a journalist's' question is first recorded 1950, from Truman's' White House press secretary, Charles Ross.
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Of" course I will, if she's' got her head set on working, was his comment. What" a lot of bosh is talked about lovers, his comment ran. It's' lucky harvest will be over; silo filling, too, was his only comment.
HTML Comments.
HTML Tag List HTML Attributes HTML Events HTML Colors HTML Canvas HTML Audio/Video HTML Doctypes HTML Character Sets HTML URL Encode HTML Lang Codes HTTP Messages HTTP Methods PX to EM Converter Keyboard Shortcuts. Comment tags are used to insert comments in the HTML source code. HTML Comment Tags.
Comment computer programming Wikipedia.
This C code fragment demonstrates the use of a prologue comment or block" comment" to describe the purpose of a conditional statement. The comment explains key terms and concepts, and includes a short signature by the programmer who authored the code.
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Synonyms: annotation, footnote, criticism, commentary, explanation, more. Collocations: comment on her hair, dress, an inappropriate, a constructive, a brash comment, comment thread, forum, board, more. Forum discussions with the words comment" in the title.: a topic on which I feel qualified to comment.

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