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Browser Extension Day One.
Install Safari Extension. Install Chrome Extension. Day One entry creation built into the browser for quick entry and URL bookmarking. App install not required oAuth directly to the Day One server. Easily bookmark current tab or all open tabs. Journal selection, Tags.
App Inventor Extensions Pura Vida Apps.
Math Extension by ColinTree a copy of the math extended extension with shortened function names. IMEI Extension by ColinTree, a very simple extension to provide the IMEI. Go Home Extension by ColinTree, a very simple extension to move the current app to the background.
Extensions TinEye.
The only data we collect when you use the extension is the image information you send and the version of the extension that you are using. For more information about how we handle your data please read our privacy policy.
Apple Safari Safari Extensions Gallery.
You can bring new capabilities to your extensions using native APIs and familiar web technologies. And now you can sell them in the Mac App Store. The extension developer is solely responsible for any questions, complaints, claims, or support requests regarding an extension.
Extensions CiviCRM.
Reviewed and ready for automated distribution? Yes: This Extension Release has been reviewed and is ready for automated distribution. No: This Extension Release has not been reviewed. Needs work: This Extension Release has been reviewed and needs work from the developer before the review can continue.
extension Dictionary Definition: Vocabulary.com.
An extension is the act of getting more time, space, or length, like an extension of a deadline that gives you one more day to turn in a paper, or extensions that make your hair look longer. The noun extension comes from the Latin word extendere, meaning stretch out.
ManualExtensions: MediaWiki.
Maybe you also have some other lines in LocalSettings.php, which have to do with the extension you want to remove. Most likely this will be lines, which give certain users the right to access pages, which are provided by the extension.
Sketch Extensions.
Want to create your own extensions? Check our developer documentation, or join the fantastic community on our developer forums. And if you got any questions or need help, you can get in touch with us. Well be happy to help!

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